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What are the characteristics of UPVC roof tiles

What are the characteristics of UPVC roof tiles

2022-11-05 17:48:01

PVC (Polyvinylchloride) is abbreviated as PVC, which is an amorphous thermoplastic resin made of vinyl chloride monomer through polymerization reaction and certain additives (such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, etc.). UPVC roof tiles are hard PVC roof tiles.

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UPVC roof tiles for civil buildings, suitable for new sloping roofs and old buildings with sloping roofs of various structures such as concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, brick-wood mixed structures, etc. --70℃.

UPVC roof tiles for industrial buildings are mainly suitable for the roofs and walls of large industrial buildings such as modern industrial plants, markets, breeding plants, warehouses, etc. Applicable temperature--50℃---+70℃.

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UPVC roof tile not only has the advantages of anti-leakage and anti-seepage effect, but also has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity, strong impact resistance, high sun resistance, high oxidation resistance and long service life.