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The scope of application of ZXC PVC rain gutters

The scope of application of ZXC PVC rain gutters

2022-10-08 15:39:59

PVC rainwater troughs are mainly used for eaves, roofs and roofs to collect and discharge rainwater. They are suitable for use with steel structure projects, wave tiles and sunshine tile projects.

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ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. PVC rainwater gutter is used for drainage and can also be used in agriculture or greenhouse hydroponic planting system. It adopts a new connection method, which is convenient for construction, saves time and labor, is conducive to safe operation, is convenient and durable, and is beautiful. . It has the advantages of fire prevention, anti-corrosion, high strength, low price and durability. The PVC rainwater gutter is light and easy to construct, and is suitable for receiving water from the tile surface in workshops, warehouses, markets and other fields.  

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ZXC PVC rain gutter life

PVC rain gutters use Ethylene polymer material, leed-free, good UV performance. It is a new type of lightweight material that is very popular in the world today. High temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, acid- base mold erosion resistance, oxida. The service life of PVC rain gutters is generally more than 15 years. Length can be customized according to demand.