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The main application range of PVC roofing tile sheet

The main application range of PVC roofing tile sheet

2019-04-11 14:47:57

Selection points and use environment of PVC plastic tiles

Due to its relatively good waterproof performance and long service life, plastic tiles have replaced asbestos tiles and become one of the main construction materials for civil housing and industrial facilities. Especially in recent years, it has been favored by ordinary consumers.

However, the advertising words used by plastic tile manufacturers to sell products are always the same, which makes some consumers fall into the puzzle of not knowing how to choose. So, what are the key points for plastic tiles? What are the main applications?

Selection point 1: Select the appropriate plastic tile type according to the characteristics of the house.

Plastic tiles can be divided into no less than ten types depending on the shape and laying position. Therefore, most consumers tend to be dazzled when faced with a wide variety of choices, and do not know how to start. But as long as you remember to choose the right type of plastic tile according to the characteristics of the house itself, you can often buy the product you like. At the same time, the use of a suitable type of plastic tile can also effectively extend its service life, making it easier for subsequent maintenance.

Option 2: Choose a plastic tile merchant with guaranteed quality

High-grade plastic tiles are often produced from quality-guaranteed merchants and manufacturers. Therefore, consumers should make market research in advance when they choose, understand the well-known businesses and brands in the industry, and choose the products they need.

Application Environment:

Studies have shown that the service life of plastic tiles is not only related to its constituent materials, but also related to the ultraviolet radiation intensity, humidity and temperature at the place of use. Therefore, the external environment is also an important reason for the service life of plastic tiles.

How to choose the high quality, best plastic tile is a difficult point for consumers to choose products, but the impact of the surrounding environment is also great. Therefore, the installation of the product is also extremely important. Before installing the plastic tile in some areas, the fixing measures should be appropriately strengthened, such as areas where earthquakes and strong winds occur, areas with steep roof slopes, and places with steep slopes on both sides of the ridge. A certain degree of reinforcement should be made during installation.