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Some issues about resin tiles

Some issues about resin tiles

Lily 2019-08-07 09:23:33

Three things about resin tiles
With the rise of resin tiles, there are more and more owners who choose resin tiles as their roofing tiles. Many owners will check the relevant information online before choosing resin tiles. The introduction of resin tiles on the Internet is mixed. Therefore, Xiaobian compiled the following three most common resin tile "rumors", hoping to help everyone.
Proverbs 1: Resin tiles are exposed to the sun, not only sound, but also odor. First of all, the surface material of the resin tile is ASA engineering resin. This material is not only used in the roof tile field, but also widely used in the production of automobile casings. In the case of sun exposure, there is no odor. Secondly, the sound of the resin tile is caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when installing the resin tile, be careful that the pre-opening and self-tapping screws cannot be tightened too tightly.

Proverb 2: Resin tiles are easy to oxidize and have a long service life. If the resin tile is used less than three or five years, it will crack, fade, etc., indicating that the resin tile bought is a poor quality product. The inferior resin tile is used as a new material in the recycled material, and the ratio of the synthetic resin is lowered in order to save the cost, and the resin tile is rapidly oxidized. High-quality synthetic resin tile uses three-layer co-extrusion technology to co-extrude ASA high weathering resin, toughness skeleton and high wear-resistant resin. It has strong anti-aging properties, long service life, strong impact resistance and strong wear resistance. There is no problem of rapid oxidation.

Proverbs 3: Resin tiles belong to plastic tiles, which are not insulated and have poor heat dissipation. In a sense, resin tiles are indeed classified as plastic building materials. However, not all plastics are not insulated, and the heat dissipation is poor. The thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tiles is 0.325w/mk, which is about 1/310 of clay tiles, 1/5 of cement tiles, and 0.5mm thick colored steel tiles. 1/200. It is not difficult to see through the coefficient comparison that the thermal conductivity of the synthetic resin tile is not lost to ordinary roofing tiles. In addition, since the surface of the resin tile is relatively smooth, it can reflect a part of the sunlight, which makes the heat of the roof not too high.