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About the anti-freezing property of resin tiles

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2019-08-08
About the anti-freezing property of resin tiles
The northeastern region has a high latitude, the sun is inclined at a large angle, and the amount of precipitation and snowfall is large. According to this natural climate, the slope of the roof is relatively large. On the one hand, it is used for roof shading, on the other hand, the roof is smoothly drained. snow.
In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of synthetic resin tiles, customers in the northeast region have been inquiring about the products of resin tiles. However, when many customers hear plastic tiles, there are still many doubts, mainly worried about resin tiles. Snow-resistant and low-temperature resistant, 30--40 cm thick snow in the northeast, and an average temperature of minus 20 degrees in winter. This kind of bad weather conditions, without deep understanding of resin tile products, this concern It is completely understandable, but many manufacturers will dispel this doubt through the introduction of the manufacturer.
First of all, the high-quality resin tile has a strong load-resistance ability. Under the support interval of 750mm and uniform load of 150kg, it is not destroyed. After physical experiment: a kilogram of steel ball freely falls on the tile surface at a height of 2 meters without cracks. The low-temperature falling ball impacts 10 times of resin tile without damage, fully satisfying the roofing environment in Northeast China.
On the other hand, it has been proved by experiments that high-quality synthetic resin tiles can ensure the integrity of the tile body in a low temperature environment of minus 40 degrees.
Therefore, through the above two aspects, customers in the northeast region or other severely cold regions can also use synthetic resin tiles with confidence.