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Simple Method for Identifying Synthetic Resin Tiles (2)

Simple Method for Identifying Synthetic Resin Tiles (2)

2019-05-14 08:49:04

Simple Method for Identifying Synthetic Resin Tiles (2)

First: Detection of corrosion resistance.The standard synthetic resin tile can resist corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. The experiment immersed salt, alkali and 60% of the following acids have no chemical effect in 24 hours.The use of a pigmented synthetic resin tile with its pigment causes a chemical reaction and even fading.

Second: Check load bearing.1.5 pounds of steel balls fall freely from the height of 1 meter on the surface of the tile without cracks. The standard synthetic resin tile itself has very good load-bearing performance, and is tested at the support interval of 660 MM by the national construction materials and component quality supervision stations. With 150 KG uniformly loaded, there is no damage.Invalid synthetic resin tile workers will crush when they work on a tile.

Third: detect the waterproof performance.High-resistance resin powder for high-quality synthetic resin tile, the surface has a lotus leaf effect itself is dense and does not absorb water, there is no problem of microporous water seepage.

Fourth: detect color persistence.The high-quality synthetic resin tile surface material is made of imported super weather resistant engineering resin. With exceptional durability in the natural environment, it maintains its color stability for 10 years even under long-term exposure to the harsh conditions of UV, moisture, heat and cold. The shoddy imitation resin tiles will fade after a few years of installation.