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Is polycarbonate corrugated sheet environmentally friendly?

Is polycarbonate corrugated sheet environmentally friendly?

2022-07-12 17:53:20

Many people are concerned about the safety of plastic roof tile materials and worry about affecting their health. Today, our ZXC polycarbonate corrugated sheet supplier will talk to you about the safety performance and environmental protection of polycarbonate corrugated sheet.

Polycarbonate (referred to as PC) is a new type of environmentally friendly engineering plastics, is a tough thermoplastic resin, colorless, transparent, odorless, granular crystals, non-toxic.

PC solar panels are mainly divided into ordinary, multi-layer solar panels, and special-shaped structural panels. Except for the production of raw PC, there is no need to add other substances, namely: non-toxic and harmless. Similar to the special function of anti-fog droplet, the PC solar panel mainly adds anti-fog droplet technology, which is also a non-toxic technology and will not produce toxic and harmful substances.

The common PC solid sheet in the market at present are ordinary PC solid sheet, double-sided UV solid sheet, light diffusion sheet, frosted sheet, particle board. ZXC clear corrugated plastic roofing sheets in terms of production process, all products are produced by multi-layer co-extrusion.
The raw material of ordinary PC solid board, PC particle board and sanding board is polycarbonate, and no other substances are added. The raw material of double-sided UV solid sheet is PC raw material with anti-ultraviolet UV coating, and UV itself is a non-toxic product.