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How to install PVC gutter

How to install PVC gutter

Lily 2019-08-15 09:47:13
Step 1

Both the faucet and the inlet pipe should be installed before installing the sink. This will not be troublesome in the later installation. When installing the faucet, the installation is required to be firm and there is no water seepage at the joint. Sealant or professional adhesive is usually used. When installing the faucet, it is best to install the required fixing parts, which are pure copper or stainless steel, because the water is more used in the sink, so it is not easy to rust. Generally, the inlet pipes are integrated inlet pipes and are not necessary to install.

Step 2

Once you have installed some of the functional accessories in the sink, you can place the sink in the appropriate position in the countertop.

Step 3

First install the inlet pipe for the faucet. Connect one end of the inlet pipe that was previously installed on the faucet to the outlet of the inlet pipe switch. Pay attention to the firmness of the joint when installing. Do not be too tight or too loose, and there is one more thing to note is the position of the hot and cold water pipes. Left hot right cold.

Step 4

Then install the overflow pipe. When installing the water pipe under the overflow hole, pay attention to the tightness of the joint with the tank body, and make sure that the water pipe of the overflow hole does not leak water. Then seal with glass glue.

Step 5

Then install the filter . However, check the sewer pipe under the filter basket. Note that the connection between the lower pipe and the trough is not only firm but also sealed. Many of the problems with water leaks are common here.

Step 6

Install the entire drain pipe, because the space under the sink and the sink is different, and it can be cut properly to ensure the integrity of the drain pipe. After the installation is completed, the drainage test is carried out, and the drainage of the water in the water and the overflow hole of the two filter baskets is tested at the same time. When draining, if it is found that there is water seepage, immediately repair it, and finally tighten the cap and seal it in the place where the seal is changed. Make sure the sink is sealed when there are no problems. It is recommended to use a relatively firm glass glue when using glue. Pay attention to evenly spread the gap.