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How to identify the quality of plastic roof tile?

How to identify the quality of plastic roof tile?

2022-05-09 16:07:53

Whether it is a factory, a carport, a vegetable market, a passage or other places, using PVC tiles as a roofing material is a good choice. But choosing the right variety does not mean the product is good. So, how to distinguish the quality of plastic roof tile?

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1. plastic roof tile can be folded repeatedly, with good toughness and good quality, and are easy to break.

2. plastic roof tile are B1 class flame retardant, good plastic tiles will be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, and will not continue to burn. Poor quality pvc tiles will not go out immediately after leaving the fire source, and there is a great irritating smell.

3. Look at the surface finish of the plastic roof tile . The surface layer of a good plastic roof tile is very smooth, without bumps and spots, with clear edges and corners and uniform thickness. Most of the plastic roof tile that do not meet the above description are of poor quality.

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4. Good plastic roof tile are light in weight, and the sound is dull when the tiles are struck, while the inferior plastic roof tile are heavier, and the sound is crisp when knocked.

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