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What are the characteristics of ASA synthetic resin roof tile?

What are the characteristics of ASA synthetic resin roof tile?

Janet Wu 2019-07-12 17:42:40
What are the characteristics of ASA synthetic resin roof tile?

1.Color lasting:
The ASA synthetic resin roof tile is made of ultra-high weather resistant engineering resin produced by internationally renowned multinational companies as the surface material of the tile. This high weather resistant resin is very suitable for outdoor use and has extraordinary durability in the natural environment, even if it is exposed for a long time. It maintains its color stability under UV, moisture, heat, cold and impact.

2.Sound insulation effect is good:
ASA Synthetic resin roof tiles in sound insulation, through the phoneme measurement test shows that when subjected to external noise such as heavy rain, hail, strong wind, etc., it can absorb noise or reduce the passage of noise. Excellent corrosion resistance of synthetic resin tile: Synthetic resin of synthetic resin tile body and super high weather resistance engineering resin can not be degraded by rain and snow, and can resist corrosion of various chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. Therefore, it is the most ideal roofing material for coastal areas where salt spray is corrosive and where air pollution is serious. Various microorganisms cannot survive on the surface of synthetic resin tiles, preventing the erosion damage caused by microorganisms.

3.Volume is stable:
ASA Synthetic resin roof tiles have a low coefficient of expansion and biaxial tensile properties, ensuring that the geometry of the tile is constant even if the temperature varies greatly.

4.Strong fire resistance:

The main resin of the ASA synthetic resin roof tile is a flame retardant product, and the fireproof performance of the national fireproof authority has reached B1 level.

5.Light-weight characteristics:

The load on the synthetic tree building increases safety. Especially in the old building renovation project, it has obvious advantages, and it is easy to carry and construct, saving transportation costs and reducing construction costs.

6.Excellent anti-load performance:
ASA Synthetic resin roof tiles have good resistance to accidental load and pressure. In areas with low temperatures and frequent snowfall, even if there is often snow on the roof, there will be no wear, damage and breakage of the tile surface. In the case of a support interval of 660 mm, the weight is increased by 150 kg, and the tile has no cracks and is not damaged.