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What buildings can ASA roof tiles be used in?

What buildings can ASA roof tiles be used in?

2022-12-29 14:08:38

ASA roof tile has good heat resistance, effective frost resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance, and can be used in the radiant sun for a long time without deformation. And the weight is light, which can save the self-bearing, and will not cause additional burden on the building.

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So which buildings can it be used on?

1. Factories, warehouses and factories;
2. Auditorium, conference room and lecture hall;
3. Metallurgical plants, steel plants and petroleum processing plants;
4. Commercial centers, residential areas, office buildings;
5. Large shopping centers, exhibition halls and sports venues;
6. Tourist resorts and outdoor entertainment places;
7. Hotels, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls;
8. Square, library, museum, etc.



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ASA roof tile is durable and waterproof, which can effectively prevent rain, snow and rain erosion and protect the roof from all kinds of weather. There will be no mildew and discoloration on the roof surface, so it has a long service life and can be used for a long time.