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The causes of leakage from ASA roofing tile sheet

The causes of leakage from ASA roofing tile sheet

Lily 2019-08-17 16:09:08
Hi everybody,

Let's discuss the causes that cause the leakage of ASA roofing tile sheet.

Well, it would be from the followings aspects.

Firstly, insufficient drop of 20cm minimium per meter. It requires to leave enough inclination when you consider to make the purlines before installing the ASA resin roofing tile sheet. It will cause leakage owing to insufficient drop when there are heavy rains since the rain water couldn't flow down in time.

Secondly, unperfect installation of the ridges tile. That will cause unperfect connection between the ridges tile and the roofing tile sheets. So, when the rain comes, the rain water will most probably penetrate into the gaps and leak.

Thirdly, the overlapping of every two roofing tile sheets has been done well. The overlapping should be handled well to prevent the gaps. 

Fourthly, basing on perfect overlapping, the screws must be tighted correctly on the purlins , and cover the water proof cap correctly.

If you have any other option, you are welcome to leave messages for me.

Thank u~~