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PVC Roof Sheet be Acid Proof?

PVC Roof Sheet be Acid Proof?

2020-11-11 11:56:01

Urban air pollution and industrial waste gas emissions have led to the formation of acid rain. It can be divided into two categories: "wet deposition" and "dry deposition". The former refers to all gaseous pollutants or particulate pollutants. Rain, snow, fog, or hail and other precipitation patterns fall to the ground. The latter refers to some acidic substances in the dust that falls from the air on days when there is no rain.

Whether it is "wet sedimentation" or "dry sedimentation", acidic substances have a corrosive effect on all objects, and the nature of metals is particularly serious. Against these acidic substances, the roof is a "protective umbrella" to protect human health and property safety. Is the safety factor high? Roofing materials play a decisive role, like color steel tiles, which are not suitable, especially in areas with severe acid rain.

PVC roof sheet can be acid proof? Experiments by authoritative organizations have proved that: PVC roof tile has no chemical reaction after soaking in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours, which can effectively prevent acid. PVC roof sheet have a large span, up to 40-50 meters long, and are suitable for steel structure industrial plants, which can greatly save the cost of steel structure, and can effectively protect steel structure from acid corrosion.
In addition to effective acid resistance, PVC roof tile also have the advantages of heat insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation, insulation, impact resistance, and load resistance. They can be widely used in factories, markets, carports, warehouses and other fields.