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Installation of the resin tile

Installation of the resin tile

Lily 2019-07-08 14:30:47

It is not difficult to install the resin tile. It is really not difficult to install the small tile itself. After the shelf is set up, the resin tile is a wave, so the practical width is 960mm, and then the resin is fixed with the self-tapping screws provided by our company. Tiles, self-tapping screws are made according to the purlins. Resin tiles are installed faster than glazed tiles. It takes only 1-2 days to set up easily. The roof area is small and the construction speed will be faster.

Resin tile installation instructions are as follows:
1. The purlin can be used for anti-corrosion treatment of square tube steel (60*40*3mm) or C steel (100*50*20*3mm) or wood (60*40mm). The distance between the purlins is 660mm, which is arranged from bottom to top.

2. When installing the main tile, it should be installed in reverse according to the local wind direction, and a tile wave should be connected. The roofs on both sides should be carried out at the same time. Install the ridge tile from the opposite direction of the installation of the main tile.

3. The slanting and sloping ridges should be sawed at the lap joints. After the installation of the slanting ridges and sloping ridges, install the three-way ridge tiles.

4. It is recommended to install a set of hex self-tapping waterproof screw set every other wave.

5, the slanting ridge tile installation lap joint should be sawed, after the installation of the positive and oblique ridge tiles, then install the three-way tile. The fixture is a special accessory. When fixing, first drill with electric drill, the hole diameter is 2mm~4mm larger than the hook screw.

6, the self-tapping screws are recommended to use a diameter of 6.3mm.