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Are pvc roof tiles transparent?

Are pvc roof tiles transparent?

2022-10-28 18:22:59

PVC roof tile can be transparent, it is mainly used for wall and roof lighting, and has a wide range of applications. PVC transparent tile is a new generation of permanent roofing material specially designed for heavy acid rain areas, which is processed with polyvinyl chloride synthetic resin. Its surface material is super weather-resistant resin. To ensure the durability and chemical resistance of the tile, the white ductile material increases the toughness as well as the sense of space and light transmittance while ensuring the strength.

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PVC lighting transparent tile has stable performance. Even if it is exposed to harsh environments for a long time, it can maintain a stable state without softening and brittleness. It can also be used normally even in the colder north.

ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Supply's clear pvc corrugated roofing sheet it has the characteristics of strong UV resistance, strong fire resistance, good sound insulation, and strong impact resistance against storms, so it is more suitable for home improvement.