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How to install UPVC roof sheet?Release on2020-11-10
PVC roofing is a great way to top a garden shed, shop, or patio. It is an easy, low-cost work, and you can do it yourself. You only need some basic to...Read More
Our TeamRelease on2020-11-07
"People-oriented, we are family" is our company's principle. Create a comfortable and natural working environment for employees. We have developed a r...Read More
Advantage of ASA Synthetic Resin TileRelease on2020-11-10
Chemical building materials is one of the new building materials advocated and promoted by the State. Now the well spoken "synthetic resin tile-flat-s...Read More
About Our CompanyRelease on2020-10-31
Foshan ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture for ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile, PVC Anti-corrosion Roof Sheet, APVC Plast...Read More
PVC Roof Sheet be Acid Proof?Release on2020-11-11
Urban air pollution and industrial waste gas emissions have led to the formation of acid rain. It can be divided into two categories: "wet deposition"...Read More
Can transparent PVC corrugated tiles be fireproof?Release on2022-09-29
The transparent tile is like a window and a lamp, which can be used for sightseeing and lighting. Transparent tiles are widely used in many large shop...Read More
Ten advantages of ZXC PVC anti-corrosion wave tileRelease on2022-09-28
Technically, our pvc tile adopts multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology. The surface of the product is covered with an anti-aging layer, which ...Read More
The advantages of using upvc roof tiles in factoriesRelease on2022-09-27
UPVC roofing tile is the most ideal roofing building material in coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and areas with severe air pollution. T...Read More
Precautions for installation of transparent roof tilesRelease on2022-09-26
FRP lighting panels are often used in conjunction with color steel roofs or PVC anti-corrosion tiles. Installing FRP lighting panels can effectively i...Read More
Which roofs are ZXC synthetic resin tiles suitable for?Release on2022-09-26
The emergence of new synthetic resin roof tiles has given people more choices. ZXC synthetic resin roof tile have powerful functions, rich colors, con...Read More
pvc anti-corrosion tile for temporary buildingRelease on2022-09-24
PVC anti-corrosion tile is an environmentally friendly building material, and it also reveals a fashionable atmosphere from time to time. It can conti...Read More
How to install pvc board wall?Release on2022-09-24
1. First measure the specifications of the wall, and find out the length of the wall panel, so as to be able to cut out the size of the PVC wall panel...Read More
Roof construction requirementsRelease on2022-09-21
The roof is the outer protective structure covered by the uppermost layer of the house. Its main function is to resist the wind, frost, rain and snow,...Read More
The typhoon is coming, is your house safe?Release on2022-09-20
In the face of extreme weather, it is a big challenge for industries such as home building materials. The roof acts as the outer covering of the house...Read More
Selection methods and skills of sloping roof tilesRelease on2022-09-19
Compared with the drainage system of the flat roof, the drainage of the sloping roof is faster. In the rainy area, due to the instantaneous rainfall a...Read More
Is it necessary to repaint the faded roof tile?Release on2022-09-16
Common roofing tiles include cement tiles, terracotta tiles, ancient building tiles, metal tiles (color steel tiles and metal roofing systems, etc.), ...Read More
How to Install a PVC Rain Gutter SystemRelease on2022-09-15
The PVC rain gutter system is currently the most widely used roof gutter downspout system. So how should the PVC rain gutter system be installed? 1. F...Read More
What are the new corrugated roof tiles?Release on2022-09-14
In house construction, roof tiles are an indispensable part of the house, because roof tiles can not only achieve effective drainage, but also have th...Read More
What is the difference between PC solid sheet and sunlight sheet?Release on2022-09-13
Polycarbonate board is referred to as PC board, which is divided into two types: endurance board and sunlight board. This kind of board has strong imp...Read More
What are the advantages of fiberglass tile roofs?​​Release on2022-09-13
1. All-weather: The glass fiber tile roof can resist the erosion caused by sunlight, cold and heat, rain and various climatic factors. 2. Thermal insu...Read More