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How to install UPVC roof sheet?Release on2020-11-10
PVC roofing is a great way to top a garden shed, shop, or patio. It is an easy, low-cost work, and you can do it yourself. You only need some basic to...Read More
Our TeamRelease on2020-11-07
"People-oriented, we are family" is our company's principle. Create a comfortable and natural working environment for employees. We have developed a r...Read More
Advantage of ASA Synthetic Resin TileRelease on2020-11-10
Chemical building materials is one of the new building materials advocated and promoted by the State. Now the well spoken "synthetic resin tile-flat-s...Read More
About Our CompanyRelease on2020-10-31
Foshan ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture for ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile, PVC Anti-corrosion Roof Sheet, APVC Plast...Read More
PVC Roof Sheet be Acid Proof?Release on2020-11-11
Urban air pollution and industrial waste gas emissions have led to the formation of acid rain. It can be divided into two categories: "wet deposition"...Read More
Compared with iron tiles, it is better to use PVC plastic tilesRelease on2022-06-24
In the past, when there were no PVC plastic tiles, all kinds of factories, warehouses, carports, etc. would be given priority to choose iron tiles. Ho...Read More
Can resin tiles withstand constant high temperature weather?Release on2022-06-23
With the arrival of summer, there are obvious high temperature areas all over the world. Many friends will also worry about whether synthetic resin ti...Read More
What should I do if the wrong holes are drilled during the installation of resin tiles?Release on2022-06-22
Only the correct construction method can combine the excellent properties of synthetic resin tiles, so it is best for you to understand some precautio...Read More
Is the fireproof effect of PVC trapezoidal plastic tile good?Release on2022-06-21
When they hear PVC plastic tiles, people will mistake them for plastic materials, which are flammable and easy to cause fire accidents, not to mention...Read More
What are the shapes of greenhouse roofs and what materials are suitable for use?Release on2022-06-20
Onservatory a facility that can transmit light, keep warm and cultivate plants. In the season that is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide gr...Read More
Scope of application of solar panels and fiberglass panelsRelease on2022-06-15
Sunshine board is a high-performance product. The main components are polycarbonate, the same as the endurance board, and these components are process...Read More
The combination of resin tile and wood structure buildingRelease on2022-06-14
With its beautiful appearance, wood-framed buildings are considered as the first choice for getting close to nature and embodying nature. With the imp...Read More
How to detect the aging degree of synthetic resin tile?Release on2022-06-11
Synthetic resin tile is a kind of hard decorative material used in construction. ZXC Synthetic Resin Roofing sheet has a lifespan of more than 25 year...Read More
ZXC PVC plastic roof board waterproof and durableRelease on2022-06-11
In recent years, the utilization rate of PVC plastic tiles has become higher and higher, and it can be widely used in different fields to meet the dif...Read More
Did you choose the right corrugated roof?Release on2022-06-09
The most important thing for a house is to be beautiful and generous, so the appearance is very important. With the development of the times, more and...Read More
Which buildings are synthetic resin tiles suitable for?Release on2022-06-08
Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material, with strong weather resistance and adaptability, durability, easy installation, rich and dive...Read More
pvc corrugated roofing for arched buildingsRelease on2022-06-07
ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a PVC plastic corrugated roofing supplier, providing small wave type, large wave type roofing, the color is w...Read More
Is PVC plastic tile resistant to high temperature?Release on2022-06-06
PVC plastic tiles are also divided into several different products: PVC anti-corrosion tiles, PVC anti-corrosion thermal insulation tiles, APVC anti-c...Read More
Which roofing sheet can be used to build a sun roomRelease on2022-06-02
There are a variety of sheet options for building a sun room, such as PVC, PC, FRP transparent or translucent roof panels. The sun room is used for le...Read More
What is the difference between resin tile gray bottom and white bottom?Release on2022-06-01
Resin tiles are divided into gray bottom and white bottom. Relatively speaking, the white bottom resin tile is better than the gray bottom, because th...Read More