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How to daylighting the steel structure factory?

How to daylighting the steel structure factory?

we know,there is limited space in the attic, and you can choose the roof lighting when there are no lighting windows.Steel structure buildings can also be daylighting on the roof.General steel structure buildings or warehouses have daylight windows and can also meet the lighting requirements, but for multi-span buildings, it is not enough to use only windows for daylight.Because of the large span of the multi-span factory buildings, the center of the factory building is far away from the daylighting window and will inevitably affect the lighting.Daylighting on the roof is a good choice, generally can use the sun board, fiberglass lighting board and other light-transmitting materials as the roof lighting materials, the following by I briefly introduce the knowledge of roof lighting.

1、Steel structure factory roof daylighting

1) Polycarbonate sunshine plate lighting, to make the arc or slope of the skeleton, with a self-tapping screw and aluminum alloy pressure strips fixed, special waterproof neutral sealing tape, drilling slightly larger, there are seals at the end.

2) Fiberglass lighting plate can be made into veneer (matching with roofing color plate type), fixed with self-tapping screws and saddle pad, and lengthwise overlapping with color plate adopts long-length polypropylene sealing tape for waterproofing, pre-drilling can be considered slightly larger than Self-tapping nail diameter for thermal expansion and contraction.

2、Steel structure factory roof panel lighting installation

Polycarbonate roof sheet is a durable daylighting product designed for weather resistancecare must be taken during installation. Damage and scratches may affect its service life.The daylighting board is overlapped with the color steel plate, and the daylighting board should be covered above the color steel plate.