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ASA Synthetic resin roof tile opens a new era of roofing building materials

  • Tác giả:Janet
  • Phát hành vào ngày:2019-07-04

"Roof tile", one of the landmark building materials that carries human civilization in the history of human architecture, its history can be traced directly to 4,500 years ago. In the 5,000 years of Huaxia civilization, the history of "Wa" accounted for 4,500 years, almost the same as the civilization of China ! With the changes of the times and the changes of the dynasties, traditional tiles have been unable to meet the needs of people. Safety problems such as long-lasting glazed tiles are fragile and easy to fall off. Resin tiles with a service life of 50 years have emerged. They not only inherit the decorative nature of traditional glazed tiles, but also have stronger safety, faster installation speed, green recycling and no waste of land resources.
  Nowadays, more and more new rural construction projects are beginning to use resin tiles, waterproof, impervious, anti-corrosion and heat insulation, beautifying the environment, the wind and earthquake resistance is good, and it can be self-cleaning, reducing the maintenance and repair during use. Trouble, the service life of up to 50 years, this is the most real and the root of the popularity.

  The synthetic resin tile shape can be modern and retro, and can be used to create modern and simple architectural forms, such as European-style buildings, and can also create magnificent and magnificent retro buildings, such as traditional palace buildings, which is another characteristic of resin tile decoration.
  As a substitute for traditional clay tiles, synthetic resin tiles can be said to be a new era in the history of roofing waterproofing.