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ASA synthetic resin tile Product feature

  • May-akda:ASA synthetic resin tile China
  • Bitawan sa:2019-04-26

ASA synthetic resin tile Product feature

ASA synthetic resin tile Product feature

ASA syntheticresin tile is a new generation of permanent roofing material designed forvillas in corrosive and heavy acid rain areas.

Our companyprovides 25 years of quality assurance for this product!

Product feature:

1.Lasting color - ZXC corporation ASA synthetic resin tile surfacematerial is made of imported super weather resistant engineering resin.Withexceptional durability in the natural environment, it maintains its colorstability even under long-term exposure to the harsh conditions of UV,moisture, heat and cold.

2.Excellent anti-loading - ZXC corporation ASA synthetic resin tilehas good load carrying capacity.In low temperture area,even if the roof hasperennial sonw cover,the synthetic resin tile will not have surface damage orruptur.After testing, the ASA synthetic resin tile is loaded with 150kg in thecase of 660mm between the supports, and the tile will not produce cracks anddamage.

3.Good sound insulation -Test certificate:When exposed to external noisesuch as heavy rain or strong winds,ZXC corporation ASA synthetic resin tile has excellent noiseabsorption.

4.Excellent corrosion resistance- ZXC corporation ASA syntheticresin tile can resist corrosion of various chemicals such as acid, alkali andsalt for a long time.The experiment proves that there is no chemical reactionwhen soaked in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours.It is verysuitable for villas, corrosive plants and coastal areas where there is a lot ofacid rain, and the effect is particularly remarkable!

5.Impact resistance, low temperature resistance -ZXC corporation ASAsynthetic resin tile has strong external impact resistance.Tested 1kg steelballs falling free from 3M will not produce cracks, impact resistance at lowtemperatures is also very significant.Low temperature impact resistance is alsovery significant, ensuring product durability (provide 25 years of qualityassurance).

6.Excellent self-cleaning performance - ZXCcorporation ASA synthetic resin tile surface is dense and smooth, with"Lotus effect", it is not easy to absorb dust. Once it is washed byrain, it will be clean as new. The dirt on tile surface will not be stained byrain after being washed by rain.