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Industry news

How to install UPVC roof sheet?Release on2020-11-10
PVC roofing is a great way to top a garden shed, shop, or patio. It is an easy, low-cost work, and you can do it yourself. You only need some basic to...Read More
Advantage of ASA Synthetic Resin TileRelease on2020-11-10
Chemical building materials is one of the new building materials advocated and promoted by the State. Now the well spoken "synthetic resin tile-flat-s...Read More
PVC Roof Sheet be Acid Proof?Release on2020-11-11
Urban air pollution and industrial waste gas emissions have led to the formation of acid rain. It can be divided into two categories: "wet deposition"...Read More
What is the difference between PVC plastic tiles and APVC plastic tiles?Release on2019-08-24
What is the difference between PVC plastic roof tiles and APVC plastic roof tiles? The main raw material of PVC plastic roof tile is or...Read More
Is the material of pvc plastic roof tile environmentally friendly?Release on2019-08-24
Is the material of pvc plastic roof tile environmentally friendly? The material of pvc plastic roof tile is environmentally friendly. Our ra...Read More
The causes of leakage from ASA roofing tile sheetRelease on2019-08-17
Hi everybody, Let's discuss the causes that cause the leakage of ASA roofing tile she...Read More
How to measure the thickness of ASA synthetic resin roof tiles?Release on2019-08-16
How to measure the thickness of ASA synthetic resin roof tiles? Thickness of ASA Synthetic resin tile need a special tool to measure, that is, the mic...Read More
How to install PVC gutterRelease on2019-08-15
Step 1 Both the faucet and the inlet pipe should be installed before installing the sink. This will not be troublesome in the later installation....Read More
How to choose the right ASA synthetic resin roof tile?Release on2019-08-14
How to choose the right ASA synthetic resin roof tile? Nowadays, as a new type of environmentally-friendl...Read More
ASA synthetic resin tile installation methodRelease on2019-08-13
Old house resin tile installation method: 1, the order of installation 2, put the line Before the installation, the opening line should be displayed a...Read More
difference of daylighting tiles and transparent tilesRelease on2019-08-12
Daylighting tiles and transparent tiles are nothing more than a different description of roofing materials from two different aspects of use and appea...Read More
The advantages of PVC roofing tileRelease on2019-08-10
Advantages of PVC tiles 1, in terms of price, it is more affordable and practical 2, fire resistance - oxygen index OI ≥ 32, is a flame retardant mat...Read More
PVC roofing tile sheetRelease on2019-08-09
PVC tile is made of polyvinyl chloride resin (referred to as PVC) as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti-UV agent and other chemical raw ma...Read More
About the anti-freezing property of resin tilesRelease on2019-08-08
About the anti-freezing property of resin tiles The northeastern region has a high latitude, the sun is inclined at a large angle, and the amount of p...Read More
Some issues about resin tilesRelease on2019-08-07
Three things about resin tiles With the rise of resin tiles, there are more and more owners who choose resin tiles as their roofing tiles. Many owners...Read More
life span of the resin roofing tileRelease on2019-08-03
The resin tile can be used for 30-50 years, but the service life of the resin tile at a price of 20-30 yuan can only reach 5-10 years. The resin tile ...Read More
Advantage of ASA synthetic resin roof tile Release on2019-07-30
Advantage of ASA synthetic resin roof tile  ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile area is large, light weigh...Read More
Main materials and trends of synthetic resin tile roofing materialsRelease on2019-07-26
Main materials and trends of synthetic resin tile roofing materials Chemical building materials are one o...Read More
ASA Synthetic resin roof tile opens a new era of roofing building materialsRelease on2019-07-04
"Roof tile", one of the landmark building materials that carries human civilization in the history of human architecture, its history can be trac...Read More
What are the characteristics of ASA synthetic resin roof tile?Release on2019-07-13
What are the characteristics of ASA synthetic resin roof tile? 1.Color lasting: The ASA synthetic resin roof tile is made of ultra-high weat...Read More